Friday, March 23, 2012

Misconception Conception:

Well, It's been a year. One year of blood tests, and pregnancy tests, and ultra sounds, and HSG, and Clomid, and Metformin, no smoking, no drinking....And I have NOTHING to show for it.

Honestly, I'm getting to the point where I just want to quit. With every pregnancy announcement and birth announcement I'm finding it harder to hold on to what sanity I have left.

It brings me to tears every day to see other people with what I want so desperately for Dustin and myself.

I have to force myself to not ask women in the grocery store if I can buy their babies off of them.

So this is what I have to say. Dear Coach WHOEVER from 9th grade Sex education. You Sir...Are a liar! It is possible for you to get pregnant by having sex once, But you should also mention that when you WANT to get pregnant it's FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE! And Also, Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug. I smoked Pot for years and never did anything more than get high and eat little debbie brownies.

I have to get some sleep. This day just keeps getting worse.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let's Re-Cap shall we?

This whole blog was supposed to be about our first year and it came and went already. WOW! The last post I made was in MAY of last year! So, I guess I have to fill everyone (All 9 of you) in on what we've done so far!

In May of '11 we bought our FIRST HOUSE! YAY! Now almost a year later we are pulling our hair out trying to keep it together!

Doug and Lori and the kids came to visit us last July. SUPER FUN!

August I was back home for my birthday because Dustin was out in the field.

 September we welcomed a little girl into our family, Dixie Aynn!!! our little LaLa girl! A boxer pitt mix that we found online. She's lovely and we are so glad to have her in our lives!

October we celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! It seemed like that first year just FLEW by! One second we were on our first date and then the next we were buying a house. It went crazy fast!

November we got to go back to Michigan for Thanksgiving! It was so great to see my family and give them a chance to meet Dustin! They all really got along great and everyone loved Dustin!

Christmas was back to Texas and we spent 20 days with our families! It was so nice to be home and see everyone! Sadly it made us so home sick. I think we're ready to get out of the Army and go home for GOOD!

January was filled with BUSY BUSY days, Work and work and...more work!

And now We're a day after Valentines! So far so good!!!

Looking forward to this Saturday while we have Dustins birthday party! Lots of friends and food and some beers! It's gonna be a great time! (FINGERS CROSSED!)

Now, I just have to make sure I keep posting on here!

WE do have some AWESOME news! We're getting another puppy in a week!!!

No names yet, but I'll be sure to post pictures soon!

Love to you all!

Mrs. McPhate <3