Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conception Chronicles!

Well, you heard it here (Probably) first. We are officially trying to have a baby.

It's very unnerving. We bounced it around for awhile. But, you can never really be ready. You just have to feel it. And we feel so strongly that it's time. I'm clearly not getting any younger. And we'd like to have our first while Dustin is still enlisted so that we don't have to worry about medical bills. I feel like if we don't do it now, We won't be able to for  QUITE some time.

It's pretty cute, Dustin has already started bouncing names around (Not very good ones mind you.)
But he likes a few of the ones that I've thrown out. I finally can put that list of baby names I have to good use. I mean it's all fun and games when your in High school and your Home and Family Development teacher gives you an Egg or a Bag of flour and tells you that this is your baby Don't drop it. But this is a REAL human being that I am souly in charge of. Kinda crazy. Yes MOM Augustus was thrown out of the window already!!! lol.

I'll post a link to the name list and I can get Y'alls opinons!
Anyways. I'll keep y'all updated as we travel this journey!




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  2. The link won't let me in. It says I have to log in first.

  3. If it pulls up the log in, just put in my email
    and the password is eidoc1986