Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Always, Sometime, Never:

My Aunt-In-Law did this and I really loved it.


Stay up later than my husband watching black and white movies.

Say I love you when I get off the phone with my Husband or my Parents.

Say Thank you to the Mail Man.

Want to sleep in, even when I'm super busy and can't.

Defuse tricky situations with Sarcasm.


I forget to shave my legs for a week. Eww I know.

Dream about just Packing up our life and moving us all back to Tx and leaving the Army with Dustins Two week Notice...(Hey! I can dream!)

Forget to thank God for all of my blessings even though they are very apparent in my life.

Forget to put my wedding ring back on after I do the dishes and it scares me that I'll lose them down the sink.

Get so paranoid that I get crazy and have to call my Mom or Julie to calm me down.


Drink sugar in my Hot Tea...I think it ruins the flavor.

Have enough hours in the day to Love my Husband. I feel cheated that there are only 24 hours and for 8 he's asleep and for 12 he's working, minus 2 hours for travel and hygiene. And that only leaves me 2 hours of him being TOTALLY conscious to tell him that I love him.

Get really angry over things I can't control. I just cry about them!

Leave the AC on during the day. I just love the smell of outside too much.

Raise my hand in anger at anything smaller than I am. And that includes the damn dog even when he gets into the trash and drags last nights left overs in my room and under my covers.


  1. I always tell Scott I love him before we get off the phone, even if we are fighting. It is something I learned from my parents. I also remember my mom always saying that as the last thing to us before we went to sleep. She told us later that she wanted us to have that as the last thing we ever heard from her if something were to happen to either of us. Kindof morbid, but something I try to do with my kids too. :)

  2. @Jennifer, us too...I have always told my kids and my husband I love you, sweet dreams and sometimes even God bless..Phone calls as well...